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#MoonSafariLive is one of our latest projects and is a faithful recreation of Air's seminal album "Moon Safari" from 1998.

Our responsibility was to take the new recordings and mix them ready to be performed along with live Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, String Quartet, Trombone and Vocals.

We also do the sound design for the live performance, as well as run all of the audio aspects of the show.

#MoonSafariLive will be touring again in 2021 and if you love the album as much as we do then follow us on FaceBook to keep informed about dates and venues.

To book #MoonSafariLive please email:


Intelli-Trance Records
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Started in 2004, Intelli-Trance Records was originally created as a platform for releasing music from Eryk Orpheus' "Intelli-Trance Live Show".

The first release on Cd in 2004 was "Eryk Orpheus Vs Group 185 mixed by JD", which was a mix of Hard House, Hard Dance and NRG and is a snapshot of the sound of the underground parties of the era.

The label fell silent for many years due to other musical projects taking priority, but the plan was always to revive the label for the digital age and to continue releasing musical gems from the live shows.

We're now at the point where we're not just releasing the live show material, but also originals and collaborations too, so head on over to the store to check out the latest music. There are also free downloads available so follow us on BandCamp to get news on our latest releases.

Please use the contact form for any enquiries.

The Pressure Technique
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Having worked together in different capacities in the underground dance scene of the early 2000s, friends Eryk Orpheus and Max Pressure wanted to experiment with different types of music with the sole purpose of playing at festivals.

After debuting their set in clubland, they tweaked the performance to gear it towards a full-on festival show and shortly afterwards were playing for festivals such as the award-winning Bearded Theory festival and the famous Alchemy festival.

Still writing and releasing new material The Pressure Technique create their own special Psy-Trance sound inspired by early Sci-Fi and their love of filthy sounds and heavy beats.

Eryk Orpheus
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Eryk Orpheus has been involved in music for well over half of his life and has been fortunate enough to have worked on both sides of the glass.

As an engineer he has worked all over the world in different roles; from sound design to head engineer at festivals professionalism and a "decent set of ears" have been key to his success.

He has toured the world, as both a DJ and live performer and is well known for his energetic and genre bending style.

Mixing various styles of Trance his live shows are the stuff of legends and not to be missed. We've started releasing some of his music through the Intelli-Trance Records label, so head over to the store to see what it's all about and make sure you catch one of his live shows soon.

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